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a sleigh bell.


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  • Jingle-jangle

    adjective In poor condition; ramshackle: driving down to Big Sur in their funky bus or some jingle-jangle car (1970s+) noun (also jing) Money; coins: I’ve got some jingle-jangle in my jeans/ A lot of bars have fundraisers and donate a big chunk of their jing to AIDS groups (1950s+)

  • Jingle mail

    noun keys to a dwelling mailed to the creditor by someone no longer able to make the mortgage payments Examples Lenders are only beginning to learn how to manage the onslaught of jingle mail. Word Origin 1992

  • Jingle-shell

    noun 1. any of several marine, bivalve mollusks of the genus Anomia, having a thin, pearly shell with a conspicuous hole or notch near the hinge of the lower valve. 2. the shell itself.

  • Jingling-johnny

    noun, Music. 1. (def 6).

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