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[jit-er] /ˈdʒɪt ər/

jitters, nervousness; a feeling of fright or uneasiness (usually preceded by the):
Every time I have to make a speech, I get the jitters.
fluctuations in the image on a television screen or in copy received by facsimile transmission, caused by interference or by momentary failures of synchronization.
verb (used without object)
to behave nervously.
(intransitive) to be anxious or nervous
the jitters, nervousness and anxiety
(electronics) small rapid variations in the amplitude or timing of a waveform arising from fluctuations in the voltage supply, mechanical vibrations, etc

“extreme nervousness,” 1925, American English, perhaps an alteration of dialectal chitter “tremble, shiver,” from Middle English chittern “to twitter, chatter.”

“to move agitatedly,” 1931, American English; see jitters. Related: Jittered; jittering.




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