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Jmw turner

Frederick Jackson, 1861–1932, U.S. historian.
Joseph Mallord William
[mal-erd] /ˈmæl ərd/ (Show IPA), 1775–1851, English painter.
Joseph Vernon (“Big Joe”) 1911–85, U.S. jazz and blues singer.
Nat, 1800–31, American black slave leader: led uprising of slaves in Southampton County, Virginia, 1831.
Jane. born 1961, Australian television actress and writer, best known for playing ‘Kath’ in the comedy series Kath & Kim (2002–2007)
J(oseph) M(allord) W(illiam). 1775–1851, British landscape painter; a master of water colours. He sought to convey atmosphere by means of an innovative use of colour and gradations of light
Nat. 1800–31, US rebel slave, who led (1831) Turner’s Insurrection, the only major slave revolt in US history: executed
Robert Edward III, known as Ted. born 1938, US broadcasting executive and yachtsman; chairman of Turner Broadcasting (1970–96), founder of Cable News Network (1980), and vice-chairman of Time Warner (1996–2003)
Tina, real name Annie Mae Bullock. born 1940, US rock singer who performed (1958–75) with her then husband Ike Turner (1931–2007) and later as a solo act. Her recordings include “River Deep, Mountain High” (1966) and “Simply the Best” (1991)
a person or thing that turns, esp a person who operates a lathe
(US) a member of a society of gymnasts

No longer using narcotics; clean (1960s+ Narcotics)
Indifferent; bored (1960s+)
Tired; fed up (1960s+)


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