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  • Jnt.

    1. . joint

  • Jo

    [joh] /dʒoʊ/ noun, plural joes. Scot. 1. beloved one; darling; sweetheart. [joh] /dʒoʊ/ noun 1. a female given name, form of . 2. a male given name, form of . /dʒəʊ/ noun (pl) joes 1. a Scot word for sweetheart abbreviation 1. Jordan Scottish form of joy, attested from 1520s as a term of endearment. […]

  • Joab

    [joh-ab] /ˈdʒoʊ æb/ noun 1. a commander of David’s army and the slayer of Abner and Absalom. II Sam. 3:27; 18:14. /ˈdʒəʊæb/ noun 1. (Old Testament) the successful commander of King David’s forces and the slayer of Abner and Absalom (II Samuel 2:18–23; 3:24–27; 18:14–15) Jehovah is his father. (1.) One of the three sons […]

  • Joachim

    [yoh-ah-khim, yoh-ah-] /ˈyoʊ ɑ xɪm, yoʊˈɑ-/ noun 1. Joseph [yoh-zef] /ˈyoʊ zɛf/ (Show IPA), 1831–1907, Hungarian violinist and composer. 2. a male given name. noun 1. (ˈjoːaxɪm). Joseph (ˈjoːzɛf). 1831–1907, Hungarian violinist and composer 2. (ˈdʒəʊəkɪm). Saint. 1st century bc, traditionally the father of the Virgin Mary; feast day: July 25 or Sept 9

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