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[john] /dʒoʊn/

(“Fair Maid of Kent”) 1328–85, wife of Edward, the Black Prince, and mother of Richard II.
a fictitious female pope about a.d. 855–858.
a female given name.
known as the Fair Maid of Kent. 1328–85, wife of Edward the Black Prince; mother of Richard II
Pope legendary female pope, first mentioned in the 13th century: said to have been elected while disguised as a man and to have died in childbirth

fem. proper name, originally Joanna, fem. of Johannes (see John). Often 17c.-18c. used as a generic name for a female rustic. Among U.S. births, a top 10 name for girls born between 1930 and 1937.


To play a game of verbal abuse, esp against the opponent’s mother and family; jive, play the dozens: All kinds of kids jone, says 11-year-old Hamani/ readers howling in outrage that we had dared to suggest that the verb ”joan” (meaning to insult) was possibly derived from Joan Rivers

[1930s+ Black; origin unknown]


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