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[job-lis] /ˈdʒɒb lɪs/

without a .
noting or pertaining to persons without , especially to those who are seeking employment.
(used with a plural verb) unemployed people collectively, especially those who are seeking a (usually preceded by the).

1905 (adj.), 1909 (n.), from job (n.) + -less. Related: Joblessness.


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  • Job-lot

    noun 1. a large, often assorted quantity of goods sold or handled as a single transaction. 2. a miscellaneous quantity; a quantity of odds and ends. noun 1. a miscellaneous collection of articles sold as a lot 2. a collection of cheap or trivial items

  • Job-market

    noun 1. the total number of vacant jobs open to those seeking employment. 2. the aggregate of those persons seeking employment: Thousands of June graduates entered the job market.

  • Job-order

    noun 1. a written order to a worker or group of workers to perform a certain job.

  • Job-order costing

    [job-awr-der] /ˈdʒɒbˌɔr dər/ noun 1. a method of cost accounting by which the total cost of a given unit or quantity is determined by computing the costs that go into making a product as it moves through the manufacturing process.

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