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Joe bloggs

(Brit, slang) an average or typical man US, Canadian, and Austral equivalent Joe Blow See also Joe Six-Pack


Read Also:

  • Joe-blow

    noun, Slang. 1. an average citizen; man in the street. noun phrase (Variations: Doakes or Storch or Zilch may replace Blow) Any man; the average man; john doe: the average black ”Mr Joe Blow” [entry form 1920s+ Jazz musicians, Doakes 1943+, Storch 1960s+, Zilch 1925+; fr the blowing of the musician, later probably thought of […]

  • Joe code

    /joh’ kohd”/ 1. Code that is overly tense and unmaintainable. “Perl may be a handy program, but if you look at the source, it’s complete joe code.” 2. Badly written, possibly buggy code. Correspondents wishing to remain anonymous have fingered a particular Joe at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and observed that usage has drifted slightly; […]

  • Joe citizen

    noun a collective term for the general public Word Origin 1932 Usage Note slang

  • Joe-college

    noun 1. a personification of a typical male U.S. college student, especially in the 1930s. noun phrase A young man whose dress and manner betoken the nonacademic aspects of college life: a real Joe College type (1932+)

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