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Joe six-pack

[siks-pak] /ˈsɪks pæk/

Slang. the average or typical blue-collar man.
(US, slang) an average or typical man

See Joe Sixpack

a lower-middle-class or blue-collar male; also written [Joe Six-Pack]
Word Origin

from average ‘Joe’ watching TV with a six-pack of beer
Usage Note

derogatory slang

noun phrase

An ordinary American male; joe, joe average, joe blow: Do you think that Joe Sixpack in Illinois cares?/ a sleazy bar where go-go girls perform for goggle-eyed Joe Six-packs

[fr the six-bottle or -can packets of beer these men typically consume]
A lower-middle-class male. For example, I don’t think opera will appeal to Joe Six-pack; he’d prefer a rock concert. This disparaging term, first recorded in 1977, conjures up the image of a man in undershirt and construction helmet who will down all of a six-pack (six cans or bottles of beer sold in a package) in an evening.


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