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[jog-uh l] /ˈdʒɒg əl/

verb (used with object), joggled, joggling.
to shake slightly; move to and fro, as by repeated jerks; jiggle:
She joggled the key in the lock a couple of times before getting the door open.
to cause to shake or totter as by a sudden, slight push; jostle.
to join or fasten by fitting a projection into a recess.
to fit or fasten with dowels.
verb (used without object), joggled, joggling.
to move irregularly; have a or jolting motion; shake.
the act of joggling.
a slight shake or jolt.
a moving with jolts or jerks.
a projection on one of two joining objects fitting into a corresponding recess in the other to prevent slipping.
Carpentry. an enlarged area, as of a post or king post, for supporting the foot of a strut, brace, etc.
to shake or move (someone or something) with a slightly jolting motion
(transitive) to join or fasten (two pieces of building material) by means of a joggle
the act of joggling
a slight irregular shake; jolt
a joint between two pieces of building material by means of a projection on one piece that fits into a notch in the other; dowel
a shoulder designed to take the thrust of a strut or brace

1510s, apparently a frequentative of jog, though attested earlier than it. Related: Joggled; joggling. Carpentry sense is from 1703, of unknown origin. As a noun from 1727.


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