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[joh-han-uh, -an-uh] /dʒoʊˈhæn ə, -ˈæn ə/

a female given name.


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  • Johannes

    [joh-han-eez, -is] /dʒoʊˈhæn iz, -ɪs/ noun, plural johannes. 1. a gold coin formerly used as currency in Portugal, first issued in the early 18th century. [yoh-hah-nis, -han-is] /yoʊˈhɑ nɪs, -ˈhæn ɪs/ noun 1. a male given name, form of . /dʒəʊˈhæniːz/ noun (pl) -nes 1. a Portuguese gold coin minted in the early 18th century

  • Johannesburg

    [joh-han-is-burg, -hah-nis-; Dutch yoh-hahn-uh s-bœrkh] /dʒoʊˈhæn ɪsˌbɜrg, -ˈhɑ nɪs-; Dutch yoʊˈhɑn əsˌbœrx/ noun 1. a city in S Transvaal, in the NE Republic of South Africa. /dʒəʊˈhænɪsˌbɜːɡ/ noun 1. a city in N South Africa; the capital of Gauteng province: South Africa’s largest city and chief industrial centre; grew with the establishment in 1886 of […]

  • Johannes Damascenus

    [dam-uh-see-nuh s] /ˌdæm əˈsi nəs/ noun 1. . [dam-uh-see-nuh s] /ˌdæm əˈsi nəs/ noun 1. Johannes [joh-han-eez,, -is] /dʒoʊˈhæn iz,, -ɪs/ (Show IPA), .

  • Johannes gutenberg

    [goot-n-burg; German goot-n-berk] /ˈgut nˌbɜrg; German ˈgut nˌbɛrk/ noun 1. Johannes [yoh-hahn-uh s] /yoʊˈhɑn əs/ (Show IPA), (Johann Gensfleisch) c1400–68, German printer: credited with invention of printing from movable type. /ˈɡuːtənˌbɜːɡ; German ˈɡuːtənbɛrk/ noun 1. Johann (joˈhan), original name Johannes Gensfleisch. ?1398–1468, German printer; inventor of printing by movable type

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