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John coulter

[kohl-ter] /ˈkoʊl tər/

John Merle
[murl] /mɜrl/ (Show IPA), 1851–1928, U.S. botanist.
a blade or sharp-edged disc attached to a plough so that it cuts through the soil vertically in advance of the ploughshare Also (esp US) colter

Old English culter, from Latin culter “a knife, iron blade in a plowshare,” from PIE root *(s)kel- “to cut” (see scale (n.1)). As a surname (13c.), probably from Coulter in Lancashire.

(1 Sam. 13:20, 21), an agricultural instrument, elsewhere called “ploughshare” (Isa. 2:4; Micah 4:3; Joel 3:10). It was the facing-piece of a plough, analogous to the modern coulter.


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