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John, 1766–1844, English chemist and physicist.
Robert, 1867–92, U.S. outlaw in the West.
a city in NW Georgia.
a male given name.
Historical Examples

The Outline of Science, Vol. 1 (of 4) J. Arthur Thomson
Seaport in Virginia Gay Montague Moore
Seaport in Virginia Gay Montague Moore

another name for atomic mass unit
John. 1766–1844, English chemist and physicist, who formulated the modern form of the atomic theory and the law of partial pressures for gases. He also gave the first accurate description of colour blindness, from which he suffered
Dalton, John 1766-1844.
British chemist whose pioneering work on the properties of the atmosphere and gases led him to formulate the atomic theory. Dalton’s theory stipulates that all matter is made up of combinations of atoms, the atoms of each element being identical. These atoms can be neither created nor destroyed, but chemical reactions take place through their rearrangement.
See atomic mass unit.


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