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John of Gaunt

(Duke of Lancaster) 1340–99, English soldier and statesman: fourth son of Edward III; founder of the royal house of Lancaster (father of Henry IV of England).
[gawnt, gahnt] /gɔnt, gɑnt/
John of, .
Duke of Lancaster. 1340–99, son of Edward III: virtual ruler of England during the last years of his father’s reign and during Richard II’s minority
bony and emaciated in appearance
(of places) bleak or desolate

mid-15c. (as a surname from mid-13c.), from Middle French gant, of uncertain origin; perhaps from a Scandinavian source (cf. Old Norse gand “a thin stick,” also “a tall thin man”) and somehow connected with the root of gander. Connection also has been suggested to Old French jaunet “yellowish” [Middle English Dictionary].


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