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Johnny bench

[bench] /bɛntʃ/

Johnny, born 1947, U.S. baseball player.
a long seat for more than one person, usually lacking a back or arms
a plain stout worktable
(sometimes capital) the bench

(sport) the seat on which reserve players and officials sit during a game
(geology) a flat narrow platform of land, esp one marking a former shoreline
a ledge in a mine or quarry from which work is carried out
(in a gymnasium) a low table, which may be inclined, used for various exercises
a platform on which dogs or other domestic animals are exhibited at shows
(NZ) a hollow on a hillside formed by sheep
verb (transitive)
to provide with benches
to exhibit (a dog, etc) at a show
(NZ) to form (a track) up a hill by excavating a flattened area
(US & Canadian, sport) to take or keep (a player) out of a game, often for disciplinary reasons

Old English benc “long seat,” from Proto-Germanic *bankiz “bank of earth,” perhaps here “man-made earthwork,” later “bench, table” (cf. Old Frisian bank “bench,” Old Norse bekkr, Danish bænk, Middle Dutch banc, Old High German banch), from PIE root *bheg- “to break.” Used for “office of a judge” since late 13c. Sporting sense “reserve of players” (in baseball, North American football, etc.) is by 1909, from literal sense of place where players sit when not in action (by 1889).

“to take out of the game,” 1902, from bench (n.) in the sporting sense. Related: Benched; benching. Old English also had a verb form, but it meant “to make benches.”


deck of a Tyrian ship, described by Ezekiel (27:6) as overlaid with box-wood.



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