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[juh hawr bah-huh-roo] /ˈdʒəhɔr ˈbɑ hə ru/

a city in S Malaysia, near Singapore.


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  • Johore

    [juh-hawr, -hohr] /dʒəˈhɔr, -ˈhoʊr/ noun 1. a state in Malaysia, on S Malay Peninsula. 7330 sq. mi. (18,985 sq. km). /dʒəʊˈhɔː/ noun 1. a state of Malaysia, on the S Malay Peninsula: mostly forested, with large swamps; bauxite- and iron-mining. Capital: Johore Bahru. Pop: 2 740 625 (2000). Area: 18 986 sq km (7331 sq […]

  • Johore-bahru

    [bah-roo] /ˈbɑ ru/ noun 1. a city in and the capital of Johore state, Malaysia, in the S part. /ˈbɑːruː/ noun 1. a city in S Malaysia, capital of Johore state: important trading centre, situated at the sole crossing point of Johore Strait (between Malaya and Singapore Island). Pop: 719 000 (2005 est)

  • Joiada

    [joi-uh-duh] /ˈdʒɔɪ ə də/ noun, Douay Bible. 1. . (whom Jehovah favours) = Jehoiada. (1.) Neh. 3:6. (2.) One of the high priests (12:10, 11, 22).

  • Joiakim

    (whom Jehovah has set up) = Jehoiakim, a high priest, the son and successor of Jeshua (Neh. 12:10, 12, 26).

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