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[join-tris] /ˈdʒɔɪn trɪs/

noun, Law.
a woman on whom a jointure has been settled.
(law) a woman entitled to a jointure


Read Also:

  • Joint-return

    noun 1. a U.S. income-tax return reporting the combined income of a married couple.

  • Joint-runner

    noun 1. (in plumbing) incombustible materials for packing a joint to be caulked with lead.

  • Joint-session

    noun 1. a joint meeting, as of both houses of a bicameral legislature: The president addressed a joint session of Congress on the crisis in Central America.

  • Joint-stock

    noun 1. stock or capital divided into a number of shares. 2. a pool of stock held in common. noun 1. capital funds held in common and usually divided into shares between the owners

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