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[ahn-drey] /ɑ̃ˈdreɪ/ (Show IPA), 1905–74, French composer.
Historical Examples

Blount and Jolivet’s interest was, therefore, contrary to that of Michael.
Michael Strogoff Jules Verne

But just as the ropes were being cast off, Jolivet appeared, tearing along.
Michael Strogoff Jules Verne

From the moment that Harry Blount had fallen by his side, Jolivet had not ceased his attentions to him.
Michael Strogoff Jules Verne

Jolivet had, as has been said, taken his seat on the raft, when he felt a hand laid on his arm.
Michael Strogoff Jules Verne

The apprehensions of Jolivet and Blount may be better understood than described.
Michael Strogoff Jules Verne

Neither were Jolivet and Blount idle, but fought bravely with the brutes.
Michael Strogoff Jules Verne

When Miss Jolivet reached them Frohman was smoking a cigar and was calm and apparently undisturbed.
Charles Frohman: Manager and Man Isaac Frederick Marcosson and Daniel Frohman

Jolivet and Blount, placed near them, stood these first assaults of the Siberian winter as well as they could.
Michael Strogoff Jules Verne

Jolivet’s fury may be imagined, though under any other circumstances he would have thought it fair warfare.
Michael Strogoff Jules Verne

Michael had crept forward; Jolivet followed; both listened to what the old boatman and his men were saying.
Michael Strogoff Jules Verne


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