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[jot-ing] /ˈdʒɒt ɪŋ/

the act of a person who .
a quickly written or brief note; memorandum.
[jot] /dʒɒt/
verb (used with object), jotted, jotting.
to write or mark down quickly or briefly (usually followed by down):
Jot down his license number.
the least part of something; a little bit:
I don’t care a jot.
not a jot or tittle, not a bit; not at all:
The world situation matters not a jot or tittle to him.
something jotted down
verb jots, jotting, jotted
(transitive) usually foll by down. to write a brief note of
(used with a negative) a little bit (in phrases such as not to care (or give) a jot)

1520s, borrowing of Latin jota, variant spelling of Greek iota “the letter -i-,” the smallest letter in the alphabet, hence the least part of anything.

“to make a short note of,” 1721, from jot (n.). Related: Jotted; jotting.

or Iota, the smallest letter of the Greek alphabet, used metaphorically or proverbially for the smallest thing (Matt. 5:18); or it may be = yod, which is the smallest of the Hebrew letters.


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