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(South African, informal) Johannesburg See also Joburg


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  • JP

    1. jet propulsion. 2. Justice of the Peace. 1. Justice of the Peace. abbreviation 1. Japan abbreviation 1. Justice of the Peace networking The country code for Japan. (1999-01-27) 1. Jamaica Plain (Massachusetts) 2. jet propulsion 3. justice of the peace

  • J.P.

    1. Justice of the Peace.

  • J-particle

    noun, Physics. 1. an early name for the J/psi particle. J particle See J/psi particle.

  • JPEG

    [jey-peg] /ˈdʒeɪˌpɛg/ noun, Computers. 1. a set of standards and file format for compression of digital color images. 2. an image file compressed in this format. /ˈdʒeɪˌpɛɡ/ noun 1. (computing) JPEG (jā’pěg’) Joint Photographic Experts Group Joint Photographic Experts Group

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