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J. Random Nerd. See JRL.


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  • J robert oppenheimer

    [op-uh n-hahy-mer] /ˈɒp ənˌhaɪ mər/ noun 1. J(ulius) Robert, 1904–67, U.S. nuclear physicist. /ˈɒpənˌhaɪmə/ noun 1. J(ulius) Robert. 1904–67, US nuclear physicist. He was director of the Los Alamos laboratory (1943–45), which produced the first atomic bomb. He opposed the development of the hydrogen bomb (1949) and in 1953 was alleged to be a security […]

  • Jrst

    /jerst/ [based on the PDP-10 jump instruction, obsolete] To suddenly change subjects, with no intention of returning to the previous topic. Usage: rather rare except among PDP-10 diehards, and considered silly. See also AOS. [Jargon File]

  • Js

    [jey] /dʒeɪ/ noun, plural J’s or Js, j’s or js. 1. the tenth letter of the English alphabet, a consonant. 2. any spoken sound represented by the letter J or j, as in just, major, or rajah. 3. something having the shape of a J . 4. a written or printed representation of the letter […]

  • Jsa

    abbreviation (in Britain) 1. jobseeker’s allowance Japanese Standards Association.

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