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Jubal early

[ur-lee] /ˈɜr li/

Jubal Anderson
[joo-buh l] /ˈdʒu bəl/ (Show IPA), 1816–94, Confederate general in the U.S. Civil War.
adjective -lier, -liest
before the expected or usual time
occurring in or characteristic of the first part of a period or sequence
occurring in or characteristic of a period far back in time
occurring in the near future
at the earliest, not before the time or date mentioned
early days, too soon to tell how things will turn out
adverb -lier
before the expected or usual time
near the first part of a period or sequence: I was talking to him earlier

Old English ærlic “early,” from ær “soon, ere” (see ere) + -lice, adverbial suffix (see -ly (2)). Cf. Old Norse arliga “early.” The early bird of the proverb is from 1670s. Related: Earlier; earliest.


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