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another name for Yiddish


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  • Judaeo-spanish

    noun 1. another name for Ladino

  • Judah

    [joo-duh] /ˈdʒu də/ noun 1. the fourth son of Jacob and Leah. Gen. 29:35. 2. one of the 12 tribes of Israel traditionally descended from him. 3. the Biblical kingdom of the Hebrews in S Palestine, including the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. Compare (def 3). 4. a male given name: from a Hebrew word […]

  • Judah ha-Levi

    [hah-lee-vahy, -ley-vee] /hɑˈli vaɪ, -ˈleɪ vi/ noun 1. (Judah ben Samuel Halevi) 1085–1140, Spanish rabbi, physician, poet, and philosopher. /hɑːˈliːvaɪ/ noun 1. ?1075–1141, Jewish poet and philosopher, born in Spain; his major works include the collection in Diwan and the prose work Sefer ha-Kuzari, which presented his philosophy of Judaism in dialogue form

  • Judah ha-Nasi

    [hah-nah-see] /hɑ nɑˈsi/ noun 1. a.d. c135–c210, Jewish rabbi and scholar. [hah-nah-see] /hɑ nɑˈsi/ noun 1. Judah, . /hɑːnɑːˈsiː/ noun 1. ?135–?220 ad, rabbi and patriarch of the Sanhedrin, who compiled the Mishnah

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