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noun, Law.
a conference of judges held to discuss improvements in methods or judicial procedure through court rules or otherwise.


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  • Judicially

    [joo-dish-uh l] /dʒuˈdɪʃ əl/ adjective 1. pertaining to judgment in courts of justice or to the administration of justice: judicial proceedings; the judicial system. 2. pertaining to courts of law or to ; judiciary: judicial functions. 3. of or relating to a ; proper to the character of a ; judgelike: judicial gravity. 4. inclined […]

  • Judicial restraint

    A view, associated with Felix Frankfurter among others, that judges should be reluctant to declare legislative enactments unconstitutional unless the conflict between the enactment and the Constitution is obvious. The doctrine is akin to, but not identical with, narrow construction, and it is the opposite of judicial activism.

  • Judicial-review

    noun 1. the power of a court to adjudicate the constitutionality of the laws of a government or the acts of a government official. The principle by which courts can declare acts of either the executive branch or the legislative branch unconstitutional. The Supreme Court has exercised this power, for example, to revoke state laws […]

  • Judicial-separation

    noun, Law. 1. a decree of legal separation of spouses that does not dissolve the marriage bond. noun 1. (family law) a court decree requiring a man and wife to cease cohabiting but not dissolving the marriage See also a mensa et thoro Compare divorce

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