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[joo-guh l] /ˈdʒu gəl/

of or relating to the cheek or the cheekbone.
Entomology. pertaining to, involving, or situated near the jugum.
of or relating to the zygomatic bone
Also called jugal bone other names for zygomatic bone

jugal ju·gal (jōō’gəl)


Read Also:

  • Jugal-bone

    noun 1. (in humans) (def 1). 2. the corresponding bone in other animals. jugal bone n. See zygomatic bone.

  • Jugale

    jugale ju·ga·le (jōō-gā’lē) n. The point at which the temporal and frontal processes of the zygomatic bone meet. Also called jugal point.

  • Jugal-furrow

    noun 1. (in certain insects) the crease, between the anal and jugal veins, along which the wing folds.

  • Jugate

    [joo-geyt, -git] /ˈdʒu geɪt, -gɪt/ adjective 1. Botany. having the leaflets in pairs, as a pinnate leaf. 2. Entomology. having a . 3. (of two or more portraits on a coin, medal, or escutcheon) overlapping. /ˈdʒuːɡeɪt; -ɡɪt/ adjective 1. (esp of compound leaves) having parts arranged in pairs

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