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[juhg-inz] /ˈdʒʌg ɪnz/

noun, plural jugginses. Chiefly British.
a simpleton.
(Brit, informal) a silly person; simpleton



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  • Juggle

    [juhg-uh l] /ˈdʒʌg əl/ verb (used with object), juggled, juggling. 1. to keep (several objects, as balls, plates, tenpins, or knives) in continuous motion in the air simultaneously by tossing and catching. 2. to hold, catch, carry, or balance precariously; almost drop and then catch hold again: The center fielder juggled the ball but finally […]

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    [juhg-ler] /ˈdʒʌg lər/ noun 1. a person who performs feats, as with balls or knives. 2. a person who deceives by trickery; trickster. /ˈdʒʌɡlə/ noun 1. a person who juggles, esp a professional entertainer 2. a person who fraudulently manipulates facts or figures n. c.1100, iugulere “jester, buffoon,” also “wizard, sorcerer,” from Old English geogelere […]

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    [juhg-luh-ree] /ˈdʒʌg lə ri/ noun, plural juggleries. 1. the art or practice of a , especially sleight of hand. 2. the performance of feats. 3. any trickery or deception.

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    Keeping a lot of state in your head while modifying a program. “Don’t bother me now, I’m juggling eggs”, means that an interrupt is likely to result in the program’s being scrambled. In the classic first-contact SF novel “The Mote in God’s Eye”, by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle, an alien describes a very difficult […]

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