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Jugular pulse

jugular pulse n.
The pulse in the right internal jugular vein at the root of the neck.


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  • Jugular vein

    noun 1. any of three large veins of the neck that return blood to the heart from the head and face jugular vein n. Any of the three jugular veins: anterior, external, and internal. jugular vein (jŭg’yə-lər) Either of the two large veins on either side of the neck in mammals that drain blood from […]

  • Jugulate

    [joo-gyuh-leyt, juhg-yuh-] /ˈdʒu gyəˌleɪt, ˈdʒʌg yə-/ verb (used with object), jugulated, jugulating. 1. to check or suppress (disease) by extreme measures. 2. to cut the throat of; kill. /ˈdʒʌɡjʊˌleɪt/ verb 1. (transitive) (rare) to check (a disease) by extreme measures or remedies

  • Jugulodigastric node

    jugulodigastric node jug·u·lo·di·gas·tric node (jŭg’yə-lō-dī-gās’trĭk) n. A prominent lymph node in the deep lateral cervical group lying below the digastric muscle and anterior to the internal jugular vein and receiving lymphatic drainage from the pharynx, palatine tonsil, and tongue. Also called subdigastric node.

  • Jugulo-omohyoid node

    jugulo-omohyoid node jug·u·lo-o·mo·hy·oid node (jŭg’yə-lō-ō’mō-hī’oid’) n. A lymph node of the deep lateral cervical group that lies above the omohyoid muscle and anterior to the internal jugular vein, receives lymphatic drainage from the submental, submandibular, and deep anterior cervical nodes, and whose efferent vessels go to other deep lateral cervical nodes.

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