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Juice dealer

noun phrase

A racketeer who loans money at very high interest; usurer; loan shark, shylock (1960s+ Underworld)


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  • Juiced-up

    [joos] /dʒus/ noun 1. the natural fluid, fluid content, or liquid part that can be extracted from a plant or one of its parts, especially of a fruit: orange juice. 2. the liquid part or contents of plant or animal substance. 3. the natural fluids of an animal body: gastric juices. 4. essence, strength, or […]

  • Juicehead

    [joos-hed] /ˈdʒusˌhɛd/ noun, Slang. 1. a heavy drinker of alcoholic liquor. noun A heavy drinker; lush: He had a raving juice-head for a wife/ All wayfarers, outlaws, broken-down poets and juiceheads looking for a free drink were welcomed (1955+)

  • Juice-man

    noun, Slang. 1. an extortionist. 2. . noun phrase A hoodlum who collects money owed to a racketeer: a ”juice man” (loan collector) for syndicate hoodlum bosses (1950s+ Underworld)

  • Juicer

    [joo-ser] /ˈdʒu sər/ noun 1. a kitchen appliance for extracting from fruits and vegetables. 2. Theater Slang. a stage electrician who works on the lighting of motion-picture, television, and theatrical sets. 3. Slang. a person who drinks alcohol heavily and usually habitually. noun 1. a kitchen appliance, usually operated by electricity, for extracting juice from […]

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