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[joo-joo] /ˈdʒu dʒu/

an object venerated superstitiously and used as a fetish or amulet by tribal peoples of West Africa.
the magical power attributed to such an object.
a ban or interdiction effected by it.
an object superstitiously revered by certain W African peoples and used as a charm or fetish
the power associated with a juju
a taboo effected by a juju
any process in which a mystery is exploited to confuse people

the magical power of such an object
Word Origin

French joujou ‘plaything’

object of religious veneration among West Africans, 1860, supposedly ultimately from French joujou “toy, plaything.”

“marijuana cigarette,” 1940, supposedly from reduplicated middle syllable of marijuana.


Magical or supernatural power: has some juju going for him


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