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[jook] /dʒuk/ Football.

verb (used with object), juked, juking.
to make a move intended to deceive (an opponent).
a fake or feint, usually intended to deceive a defensive player.

“roadhouse,” 1935; see jukebox.

“to duck, dodge, feint,” by 1971, variant of jook (q.v.). Related: Juked; juking.



Related Terms

jive and juke, juking and jiving

[1900s+; fr Gullah fr Wolof and/or Bambara, ”unsavory”]


To swerve and reverse evasively; trick a defender or tackler; jink: Rather than to juke a defensive back, then duck inside/ Zaffuto juked past Peters on the right side

[Sports; fr Scots jouk, of uncertain origin]


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