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Julius rosenberg

[roh-zuh n-burg; for 1 also German roh-zuh n-berk] /ˈroʊ zənˌbɜrg; for 1 also German ˈroʊ zənˌbɛrk/

Alfred, 1893–1946, German Nazi ideologist and political leader, born in Estonia.
Julius, 1918–53, and his wife, Ethel Greenglass
[green-glas,, -glahs] /ˈgrinˌglæs,, -ˌglɑs/ (Show IPA) 1915–53, U.S. citizens executed for passing atomic-bomb secrets to the U.S.S.R.
a town in S Texas.
Alfred. 1893–1946, German Nazi politician and writer, who devised much of the racial ideology of Nazism: hanged for war crimes
Isaac. 1890–1918, British poet and painter, best known for his poems about life in the trenches during World War I: died in action
Julius. 1918–53, US spy, who, with his wife Ethel (1914–53), was executed for passing information about nuclear weapons to the Russians


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