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Jump all over

verb phrase

To rebuke and berate someone very severely; savage someone: He jumped all over her for not telling him/ The critics loved to jump up and down on Brubeck: He only once won a Down Beat critics’ poll (1950s+)


Read Also:

  • Jump band

    noun phrase A band playing fast and heavily accented swing music: A ”jump band” is a big and powerful jazz band (1930s+ Jive talk)

  • Jump-bid

    noun, Bridge. 1. a bid higher than necessary to reach the next bidding level, usually to indicate exceptional strength. noun 1. (bridge) a bid by the responder at a higher level than is necessary

  • Jump blues

    noun a musical style combining the blues and swing

  • Jump-boot

    noun 1. a heavy leather boot originally designed for wear by paratroopers.

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