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Jump flap

jump flap n.
A distant flap transferred in stages via an intermediate carrier, as an abdominal flap that is first attached to the wrist and later brought to the face.


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  • Jump-head

    noun, Journalism. 1. the headline printed over the continued portion of a story in a newspaper, magazine, etc., usually condensed from the main headline.

  • Jumping-bean

    noun 1. the seed of any of certain Mexican plants of the genera Sebastiania and Sapium, of the spurge family: the movements of a moth larva inside the seed cause it to move about or jump. noun 1. a seed of any of several Mexican euphorbiaceous plants, esp species of Sebastiania, that contains a moth […]

  • Jumping-bristletail

    noun 1. any of several thysanuran insects that live in dark, warm, moist places, as under leaves, bark, and dead tree trunks and along rocky seacoasts, and are active jumpers, making erratic leaps when disturbed.

  • Jue

    [joo-e] /dʒuˈɛ/ noun 1. an ancient Chinese vessel for wine, having three high legs and a handle.

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