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Jump it

verb phrase

To play in a swing music style: Then the band would ”jump it” and O’Connell would join in a swinging rendition (1930s+ Jive talk)


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  • Jump-jet

    noun 1. a jet airplane capable of taking off and landing vertically or on an extremely short runway or flight deck. noun 1. a fixed-wing jet aircraft that is capable of landing and taking off vertically

  • Jump jockey

    noun 1. (Brit) a jockey who rides in steeplechases (as opposed to one who rides in flat races)

  • Jump leads

    /liːdz/ plural noun 1. two heavy cables fitted with crocodile clips used to start a motor vehicle with a discharged battery by connecting the battery to an external battery US and Canadian name jumper cables

  • Jump-line

    noun, Journalism. 1. a line of type identifying the page on or from which a newspaper story is continued.

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