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Jump on the bandwagon

Related Terms

get on the bandwagon


Read Also:

  • Jump page

    noun phrase A page on which stories are continued: the mixup of several paragraphs appearing on the inside ”jump page” (1920s+ Newspapers)

  • Jump-pass

    noun, Football, Basketball. 1. a pass in which a player leaps into the air and throws the ball to a teammate before returning to the ground.

  • Jumprock

    [juhmp-rok] /ˈdʒʌmpˌrɒk/ noun 1. any of several freshwater suckers of the genus Moxostoma, of the southeastern U.S.

  • Jump-rope

    noun 1. Also, jump roping. a children’s game or an exercise for children and adults in which a rope is swung over and under the standing jumper, who must leap over it each time it reaches the feet. 2. the rope used. verb (used without object) 3. to play this game or do this exercise.

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