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a private room, adjacent to a courtroom, where a trial jury discusses a case and reaches its verdict.


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  • Jury-wheel

    noun, Law. 1. a device, containing slips with the names of prospective jurors, that when spun mixes the names for random selection.

  • Jurywoman

    [joo r-ee-woo m-uh n] /ˈdʒʊər iˌwʊm ən/ noun, plural jurywomen. 1. a female juror. /ˈdʒʊərɪwʊmən/ noun (pl) -women 1. a female member of a jury

  • Jus-civile

    [juhs si-vahy-lee, -vee-] /ˈdʒʌs sɪˈvaɪ li, -ˈvi-/ noun, Roman Law. 1. the rules and principles of law derived from the customs and legislation of Rome, as opposed to those derived from the customs of all nations (jus gentium) or from fundamental ideas of right and wrong implicit in the human mind (jus naturale) /sɪˈviːlɪ/ noun […]

  • Jus-divinum

    [yoos di-wee-noo m; English juhs di-vahy-nuh m] /ˈyus dɪˈwi nʊm; English ˈdʒʌs dɪˈvaɪ nəm/ noun, Latin. 1. divine law. /dɪˈviːnəm/ noun 1. divine law

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