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Just war tradition


See just war


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    noun See just war

  • Just what the doctor ordered

    noun phrase Exactly what is needed: Account Supervisors: We’re just what the doctor ordered for your career (1914+) Exactly what was needed. For example, This steak is just what the doctor ordered, or You’ve been a great help in our office—just what the doctor ordered. This expression alludes to a physician’s prescription for a cure. […]

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  • Jut

    [juht] /dʒʌt/ verb (used without object), jutted, jutting. 1. to extend beyond the main body or line; project; protrude (often followed by out): The narrow strip of land juts out into the bay. noun 2. something that juts out; a projecting or protruding point. /dʒʌt/ verb juts, jutting, jutted 1. (intransitive) often foll by out. […]

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