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Juvenile cell

juvenile cell n.
See metamyelocyte.


Read Also:

  • Juvenile-court

    noun 1. a law court having jurisdiction over youths, generally of less than 18 years. noun 1. the former name for youth court

  • Juvenile-delinquency

    noun 1. behavior of a child or youth that is so marked by violation of law, persistent mischievousness, antisocial behavior, disobedience, or intractability as to thwart correction by parents and to constitute a matter for action by the juvenile courts. noun 1. antisocial or criminal conduct by juvenile delinquents

  • Juvenile-delinquent

    noun 1. a minor who cannot be controlled by parental authority and commits antisocial or criminal acts, as vandalism or violence. 2. a child or youth characterized by juvenile delinquency. noun 1. a child or young person guilty of some offence, act of vandalism, or antisocial behaviour or whose conduct is beyond parental control and […]

  • Juvenile-hormone

    noun, Biochemistry. 1. any of a class of insect and plant hormones acting to inhibit the molting of a juvenile insect into its adult form. noun 1. a hormone, secreted by insects from a pair of glands behind the brain, that promotes the growth of larval characteristics and inhibits metamorphosis

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