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noun, interjection

Ka-ching! We won the lottery!


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  • Kaczynski

    /kæˈtʃɪnskɪ/ noun 1. Lech. 1949–2010, Polish politician, president of Poland from 2005

  • Kadai

    [kah-dahy] /ˈkɑ daɪ/ noun 1. a group of languages related to the Thai group and spoken by a small population in southern China and northern Vietnam. 2. a language family consisting of this group and the Thai group. adjective 3. of or relating to Kadai.

  • Kadaitcha

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    [kah-dahr] /ˈkɑ dɑr/ noun 1. János [yah-nawsh] /ˈyɑ nɔʃ/ (Show IPA), 1912–89, Hungarian political leader: general secretary of the Communist Party 1956–88. /ˈkaːdaːr/ noun 1. János (ˈjaːnoʃ). 1912–89, Hungarian statesman; Communist prime minister of Hungary (1956–58; 1961–65) and first secretary of the Communist Party (1956–88)

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