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  • Kaffir-lime

    noun 1. an Asian citrus tree, Citrus hystrix, having green fruit with wrinkly skin and aromatic leaves that are used in Thai and Indonesian cookery.

  • Kaffir orange

    noun See monkey orange

  • Kaffiyeh

    [kuh-fee-uh] /kəˈfi ə/ noun 1. an Arab headdress for men; made from a diagonally folded square of cloth held in place by an agal wound around the head. /kæˈfiːjə/ noun 1. a variant of keffiyeh

  • Kaffraria

    [kuh-frair-ee-uh] /kəˈfrɛər i ə/ noun 1. a region in the S Republic of South Africa: inhabited mostly by the Xhosa. /kæˈfrɛərɪə/ noun 1. a former region of S central South Africa: inhabited chiefly by people then known as the Kaffirs; British Kaffraria was a crown colony established in 1853 in the southwest of the region […]

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