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[kahy-zer] /ˈkaɪ zər/

a German emperor.
an Austrian emperor.
History/Historical. a ruler of the Holy Roman Empire.
a person who exercises or tries to exercise absolute authority; autocrat.
[kahy-zer] /ˈkaɪ zər/
Henry J(ohn) 1882–1967, U.S. industrialist.
noun (sometimes not capital) (history)
any German emperor, esp Wilhelm II (ruled 1888–1918)
(obsolete) any Austro-Hungarian emperor
/German ˈkaizər/
Georg (ˈɡeːɔrk). 1878–1945, German expressionist dramatist

“an emperor,” Old English casere, fallen from use after Middle English, but revived 1858 in reference to the German emperors of Austria and, after 1870, Germany, from German Kaiser, from Bavarian and Austrian spelling of Middle High German keisar, from Old High German keisar “emperor,” an early borrowing of Latin cognomen Caesar. The Germanic and Slavic peoples seem to have called all Roman emperors “caesar” (cf. Old English casere, Old Norse keisari). Said to be the earliest Latin loan word in Germanic.
Kaiser [(keye-zuhr)]

The German word for “emperor.” The emperors of Austria and Germany were called Kaisers. (See Wilhelm II.)


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