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[kah-le-vuh] /ˈkɑ lɛ və/

a hero and progenitor of heroes in Finnish and Estonian folk epics.


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    [kah-luh-vah-luh; Finnish kah-le-vah-lah] /ˌkɑ ləˈvɑ lə; Finnish ˈkɑ lɛˌvɑ lɑ/ noun 1. (italics) the national epic of Finland (1835, enlarged 1849), compiled and arranged by Elias Lönnrot from popular lays of the Middle Ages. 2. the home or land of Kaleva; Finland. /ˌkɑːləˈvɑːlə; Finnish ˈkɑlɛvɑlɑ/ noun (Finnish legend) 1. the land of the hero Kaleva, […]

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