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June 11, observed in Hawaii as a holiday in celebration of the birth of Kamehameha I.


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  • Kamehameha I

    [kah-mey-hah-mey-hah, kuh-mey-uh-mey-uh] /kɑˈmeɪ hɑˈmeɪ hɑ, kəˈmeɪ əˈmeɪ ə/ noun 1. (“the Great”) 1737?–1819, king of the Hawaiian Islands 1810–19.

  • Kamelaukion

    [kah-mee-lahf-kee-awn; English kam-uh-law-kee-on, kah-muh-lou-] /kɑ miˈlɑf ki ɔn; English ˌkæm əˈlɔ kiˌɒn, ˌkɑ məˈlaʊ-/ noun, plural kamelaukia [kah-mee-lahf-kee-ah; English kam-uh-law-kee-uh] /kɑ miˈlɑf ki ɑ; English ˌkæm əˈlɔ ki ə/ (Show IPA), kamelaukions. Greek Orthodox Church. 1. a tall, black, brimless, flat-topped hat, worn by the clergy of the Eastern Church.

  • Kamenev

    [kah-muh-nef; Russian kah-myi-nyif] /ˈkɑ məˌnɛf; Russian ˈkɑ myɪ nyɪf/ noun 1. Lev Borisovich [lev bawree-suh-vich;; Russian lyef buh-ryee-suh-vyich] /ˈlɛv ˈbɔri sə vɪtʃ;; Russian ˈlyɛf bəˈryi sə vyɪtʃ/ (Show IPA), (Lev Borisovich Rosenfeld) 1883–1936, Soviet Communist and government leader: executed during Stalinist purge.

  • Kamensk-Uralski

    [kah-muh nsk-yoo-ral-skee; Russian kah-myinsk-oo-rahl-skyee] /ˈkɑ mənsk yʊˈræl ski; Russian ˈkɑ myɪnsk uˈrɑl skyi/ noun 1. a city in the W Russian Federation in Asia, near the Ural Mountains. /Russian ˈkamɪnskuˈraljskij/ noun 1. an industrial city in S Russia. Pop: 183 000 (2005 est)

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