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  • Kana

    [kah-nuh; Japanese kah-nah] /ˈkɑ nə; Japanese ˈkɑ nɑ/ noun 1. a Japanese syllabic script consisting of 71 symbols and having two written varieties. /ˈkɑːnə/ noun 1. the Japanese syllabary, which consists of two written varieties See hiragana, katakana Japanese The two Japanese syllabaries, hiragana and katakana. (2001-03-18)

  • Kanae

    /kɑːnɑːiː/ noun (pl) kanae 1. (NZ) another name for grey mullet

  • Kaki

    [kah-kee] /ˈkɑ ki/ noun, plural kakis. 1. the Japanese persimmon tree. 2. the fruit of this tree. /ˈkɑːkɪ/ noun (pl) kakis 1. another name for Japanese persimmon

  • Kanaka

    [kuh-nak-uh, -nah-kuh, kan-uh-kuh] /kəˈnæk ə, -ˈnɑ kə, ˈkæn ə kə/ noun, (sometimes initial capital letter) 1. a native Hawaiian. 2. a South Sea islander. /kəˈnækə; ˈkænəkə/ noun 1. (esp in Hawaii) a native Hawaiian 2. (often not capital) (Austral) any native of the South Pacific islands, esp (formerly) one abducted to work in Australia n. […]

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