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[kuh-reel-yuh; Russian kuh-rye-lyi-yuh] /kəˈril yə; Russian kʌˈryɛ lyɪ yə/

a region in the NW Russian Federation in Europe, comprising Lake Ladoga and Onega Lake and the adjoining area along the E border of Finland.
/kəˈriːlɪə; Russian kaˈreljə/
a region of NE Europe comprising areas of both Finland and Russia. Following the Russo-Finnish War (1939–40) a large part of what had been Finnish Karelia was annexed by the former Soviet Union; together with the part of Karelia which already belonged to Russia at that time, it corresponds roughly to the modern Karelian Republic in Russia
another name for the Karelian Republic


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    noun 1. a narrow strip of land between Lake Ladoga and the Gulf of Finland, in the NW Russian Federation. noun 1. a strip of land, now in Russia, between the Gulf of Finland and Lake Ladoga: annexed by the former Soviet Union after the Russo-Finnish War (1939–40)

  • Karelian republic

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