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Karl marx

[mahrks; German mahrks] /mɑrks; German mɑrks/

Karl (Heinrich)
[kahrl hahyn-rik;; German kahrl hahyn-rikh] /kɑrl ˈhaɪn rɪk;; German kɑrl ˈhaɪn rɪx/ (Show IPA), 1818–83, German economist, philosopher, and socialist.
Karl (karl). 1818–83, German founder of modern communism, in England from 1849. With Engels, he wrote The Communist Manifesto (1848). He developed his theories of the class struggle and the economics of capitalism in Das Kapital (1867; 1885; 1895). He was one of the founders of the International Workingmen’s Association (First International) (1864)


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