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a technique for determining whether an embryo has inherited a genetic defect by analysing DNA taken from it and its close relatives


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  • Karyomicrosome

    karyomicrosome kar·y·o·mi·cro·some (kār’ē-ō-mī’krə-sōm’) n. Any of the minute particles or granules that make up the substance of the cell nucleus.

  • Karyomorphism

    karyomorphism kar·y·o·mor·phism (kār’ē-ō-môr’fĭz’əm) n. The development of a cell nucleus. adj. Of, relating to, or resembling the nuclear shapes of cells, especially white blood cells.

  • Karyophage

    karyophage kar·y·o·phage (kār’ē-ə-fāj’) n. An intracellular parasite that phagocytizes the cell nucleus it infects.

  • Karyon

    karyon kar·y·on (kār’ē-ŏn’) n. See nucleus.

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