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A kilogram (about 2.2 pounds) of a narcotic: enough opium to produce a key (kilo) of heroin/ Anybody who can handle a key of pure coke is dealing big

[Narcotics; fr kilo]

Knowledge Engineering Environment. Frame-based expert system. Supports dynamic inheritance, multiple inheritance, polymorphism. Classes, meta-classes and objects are all treated alike. A class is an instance of a meta-class. Can control rules for merging of each field when multiple inheritance takes place. Methods are written in LISP. Actions may be triggered when fields are accessed or modified. Extensive GUI integrates with objects. Can easily make object updates to be reflected on display or display selections to update fields. This can in turn trigger other methods or inference rules which may then update other parts of the display. Intellicorp, for TI Explorer. “The Role of Frame-Based Representation in Reasoning”, R. Fikes et al, CACM 28(9):904- 920 (Sept 1985).


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