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[kee-lij] /ˈki lɪdʒ/

a toll on a merchant ship entering a port.
a fee charged by certain ports to allow a ship to dock


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  • Keel arch

    noun 1. another name for ogee arch

  • Keelboat

    [keel-boht] /ˈkilˌboʊt/ noun 1. a roughly built, shallow freight boat, having a keel to permit sailing into the wind. /ˈkiːlˌbəʊt/ noun 1. a river boat with a shallow draught and a keel, used for freight and moved by towing, punting, or rowing n. 1690s, from keel + boat.

  • Keelboatman

    [keel-boht-muh n] /ˈkilˌboʊt mən/ noun, plural keelboatmen. 1. a member of the crew of a .

  • Keel-bone

    noun 1. .

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