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Keep a sharp lookout

see: keep an eye out for


Read Also:

  • Keep a weather eye out

    Also, keep a weather eye on or open. Be extremely watchful or alert, as in We should keep a weather eye on our competitors in case they start a price war. The precise allusion in this expression is disputed, but presumably it refers to watching for a storm. [ Early 1800s ]

  • Keep cool

    Also, keep a cool head ; stay cool ; be cool ; (take it cool) . Remain calm and under control, as in Keep cool, they’ll soon show up , or Be cool, the surprise is not spoiled , or You have to keep a cool head in these volatile situations , or Sit tight, […]

  • Keeper-hook

    noun, Theater. 1. an S -shaped hook for securing doors, windows, etc., or for fastening a batten to a flat.

  • Keeper ring

    noun 1. another name for guard ring

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