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Keep one posted


Please keep me informed of what is going on; supply up-to-date information (1800s+)


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  • Keep oneself to oneself

    see under keep to oneself

  • Keep on keeping on

    verb phrase To persist; hold one’s course; keep on trucking: He would keep on keeping on and worry later about his destination (1970s+)

  • Keep on trucking

    verb phrase To carry on; continue what one is doing, esp working, plugging away, etc; keep on keeping on (1972+)

  • Keep pace

    Also, keep up. Go at the same rate as others, not fall behind. For example, The teacher told his mother that Jimmy was not keeping up with the class. Shakespeare had the first term in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (3:2): “My legs cannot keep pace with my desires.” [ Late 1500s ]

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